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Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club


Updated on 5/7/2023

Ambush Soccer Club Coaching Line-Up for 2023-24

Come join the exciting fun at Ambush Soccer club. Contact the coach in your age category below with questions!

This coaching line up is subject to change at any time. 
(The number of teams is a projection.  There is no limit on the number of teams in each category.  There can be more or less teams depending on participation numbers at tryouts.)


Jr. Academy 2017/16 Matthew Edmiston [email protected] Jr. Academy
Jr. Academy 2017/16 David Eristavi [email protected] Jr. Academy

U9 Girls Red 2015 Lauren Glancy Email Academy Alliance
U9 Girls White 2015 Coach Name Email Academy Alliance

U10 Girls Red 2014 Danny Clavijo  [email protected] Academy Alliance
U10 Girls White 2014 Danny Clavijo        [email protected] Academy Alliance

U11 Girls Red 2013 Elena Danilova [email protected] SCCL-Academy
U11 Girls White 2013 Elena Danilova [email protected] Academy Alliance
U11 Girls Grey 2013 Mia Naipaul [email protected] Academy Alliance

U12 Girls Red 2012 Gavino Asteghene [email protected] SCCL-Academy
U12 Girls Wht 2012 Gavino Asteghene [email protected] SCCL-Academy
U12 Girls Grey 2012 Mia Naipaul  [email protected] Academy Alliance

U13 Girls Red 2011 Marcos Roberto  [email protected] SCCL
U13 Girls White 2011 Ivan Gurgutov [email protected] SCCL

U14 Girls Red 2010 Elena Danilova  [email protected] NPL/SAPL
U14 Girls White 2010 Ivan Gurgutov [email protected] SCCL
U14 Girls Grey 2010 Coach Name Email

U15 Girls Red 2009 Lauren Glancy Email NPL/SAPL
U15 Girls White 2009 Danny Clavijo [email protected] SCCL

U16 Girls Red 2008 Gavino Asteghene [email protected]  NPL/SAPL

U17 Girls Red 2007 Doug Yearwood [email protected] NPL/SAPL

U18 Girls Red 2005/06 Marcos Roberto  [email protected] SCCL
U18 Girls NPL 2005/06 Xavier Herschberg [email protected] NPL/SAPL


Jr Academy 2017/16 Matthew Edmiston [email protected] Jr. Academy
Jr Academy 2017/16 David Eristavi [email protected] Jr. Academy

9 Boys Red 2015 Nyambi Jabang   [email protected] Academy Alliance
U9 Boys Wht 2015 Marius Neacsu   [email protected] Academy Alliance
U9 Boys Grey 2015 Clark Restivo   [email protected] Academy Alliance
U9 Boys Black 2015 Coach Name   Email

U10 Boys Red 2014 Ismail Satubalov    [email protected] Academy Alliance
U10 Boys Wht 2014 Ismail Satubalov   [email protected] Academy Alliance
U10 Boys Grey 2014 Clark Restivo    [email protected] Academy Alliance
U10 Boys Black 2014 Coach Name   Email

U11 Boys Red 2013 Marius Neacsu    [email protected] SCCL Academy
U11 Boys Wht 2013 Marcos Roberto   [email protected] Academy Alliance
U11 Boys Grey 2013 Matt Edmiston   [email protected] Academy Alliance
U11 Boys Black 2013 Clark Restivo   [email protected] Academy Alliance

U12 Boys Red 2012 David Eristavi   [email protected] SCCL-Academy
U12 Boys Wht 2012 Nyambi Jabang   [email protected] SCCL-Academy
U12 Boys Grey 2012 Christo Tenev   [email protected] Academy Alliance
U12 Boys Black 2012 Coach Name   Email

U13 Boys Red 2011 David Eristavi    [email protected] NPL/SAPL
U13 Boys Wht 2011 Marius Neacsu    [email protected] SCCL
U13 Boys Grey 2011 Timur Yakhin   [email protected] SCCL

U14 Boys Red 2010 Matt Edmiston  [email protected] NPL/SAPL
U14 Boys Wht 2010 Juan Carlos Madrid [email protected] SCCL
U14 Boys Grey 2010 Nyambi Jabang [email protected] SCCL

U15 Boys Red 2009 Juan Carlos Madrid [email protected] NPL/SAPL
U15 Boys Wht 2009 Christo Tenev   [email protected] SCCL
U15 Boys Grey 2009 Timur Yakhin   [email protected] SCCL

U16 Boys Red 2008 Jacob Daniel    Email NPL/SAPL
U16 Boys Wht 2008 Ismail Satubalov [email protected] SCCL
U16 Boys Grey 2008 Ismail Satubalov   [email protected] SCCL

U17 Boys Red 2007 Juan Carlos Madrid [email protected] NPL/SAPL  
U17 Boys White 2007 Timur Yakhin   [email protected] SCCL

U18 Boys Red 2006/05 David Eristavi    [email protected] NPL/SAPL
U18 Boys Wht 2006/05 Christo Tenev  [email protected] SCCL
U18 Boys Grey 2006/05 Timur Yakhin [email protected] SCCL