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Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club

About Us

Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club provides a holistic training environment and pathway for any soccer player or team striving for advancement and excellence. For over 20 years, the Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club has been dedicated to providing youth athletes a soccer development program that addresses the needs and aspirations of all players. Alpharetta Ambush emphasizes the importance of basic to advanced technical skills training at the appropriate and typically very young age groups, rather than promote a ‘win at all costs’ mentality.  This approach is a process, and a process that Ambush coaches are committed to with each player on every team. Each year, each season, each month, each training session, we build on our developmental philosophy and goals.

Mission Statement
Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club is dedicated to ingraining the love of soccer and its culture through the education and development of youth athletes in an effort to create driven and dedicated individuals both on and off the field.

Club Philosophy
Our club philosophy at Ambush Soccer Club is to develop our youth players to their fullest potentials. We are committed to teaching players by providing a well-trained and highly licensed professional coaching staff who also strive to continually upgrade their own coaching education. We create a top tier, superior training environment through positive coaching with a focus on technical excellence. Improvement is the goal in everything we do as players, coaches and as a club.  

Player Development Philosophy
For Ambush, technical training is the foundation of a soccer player's development. Sharpening this skillset helps our players navigate the challenges that the game will always bring in a way where they feel confident, competent, and successful with the ball at their feet. 

Participating in skill and age appropriate training sessions, Ambush maximize the players time on the field with professional USSF licensed coaches at all levels of Jr. Academy, Academy, and Select. Constant education and mentoring is part of our culture to ensure players are developed both on and off the field with a focus on:

Technical Development
Tactical Awareness Development
Physical Fitness and Injury Prevention
Age Appropriate and Sports Focused Psychological Development

All this leading up to systematic and performance based placement of teams into competitive leagues in varying levels of play to always provide the player with a fun and developmental environment on game day.


After reading this information, you'll have a clear picture of the Ambush long term vision for the club.