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Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club

Ambush U8 Jr. Academy for 6 and 7 Year Old Girls and Boys



Ambush Soccer Club is Pleased to Present the 2023/2024 U8 Jr. Academy Evaluations for Players with Birth Years 2016 and 2017:

May 19 - One day only
6:00pm to 7:15pm
Webb Bridge Park, 4780 Webb Bridge Rd., Alpharetta, GA

This message is for all members currently and already registered for U8 Jr. Academy program

Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club do not expose our U8 players to a traditional tryout process.  The prospect of making a team or not making a team based on a soccer skills tryout will begin in the later age groups.  For U8 Jr. Academy, we conduct a one time player evaluation.  Players will be evaluated primarily on their ability to focus, have good behavior, stay interested, show maturity for their age and be respectful to others in the program.  These are all characteristics players must have for our program to be successful.  If we have this foundation of basic behavioral skills, then our coaching staff will take care of the soccer skills throughout the year.  Although it does not happen often, occasionally at player evaluations we recommend another season or two of rec soccer before making the step into Jr. Academy or Academy. The director of the Jr Academy program will speak to you or he will contact you by phone or email.  If your player does well during the evaluation, which almost all players do, there will be no contact from the coaches because by registering and meeting the behavioral criteria listed above, you will automatically be placed into the Jr. Academy program for this year. 

What are the next steps after a successful evaluation?  The Jr. Academy staff will accumulate the results from the evaluation, review our wait list and form a complete pool of players that will create the 2023-2024 Jr. Academy.  Within 3 to 5 days and probably sooner, you will receive an email invitation from the Ambush system that you have been accepted into the program and it's time to register.  At registration, this is where you make the 1-year commitment by paying your $100 and $45 uniform fee.  These fees are non-refundable. You must accept the offer to register and pay the deposit within 5 days or the position in Jr. Academy will move on to a member on the wait list.  DON'T LOSE YOUR SPOT IN THE PROGRAM.  BE PREPARED TO REGISTER AND PAY THE DEPOSIT QUICKLY.  Subsequent payments will be due on July 15, Sep 1, and Nov 1.  Thank you for attending this year's evaluations for U8 Jr. Academy.  Have a great summer.


U8 Jr. Academy Program Details

Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club is pleased to offer U8 Jr. Academy soccer
for six and seven year old Girls and Boys. For the 2023-24 fall and spring seasons, this is for players born in 2016 and 2017.  Ambush has determined there is great demand for a more structured training environment for Under-8 players. The Jr. Academy program is designed to introduce players to an intermediate level of technical soccer training, preparing them for higher levels of play at U9 Academy and above.

TRAINING: Jr. Academy players will train two days per week. Each training session will be 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Training will be driven by program director Coach Matt Edmiston and by the same coaching curriculum used in our Academy program.  Director of Coaching and USSF "A" License recipient, David Eristavi, has created a year long technical training curriculum the players will follow.  Training will be monitored and guidance provided by a Professional Coach and Program Director from the Ambush staff.  Along with Ambush Club Assistant Coaches, training will be structured but very fun with the end goal being to have players who leave training wanting more.

GAMES:  There will be no travel involved.  Teams will play an in-house 4 v 4 or 5 v 5 format mostly on turf fields minimizing cancellations. Games can be on Friday night or Saturdays.  Each season will consist of 8 to 10 games. The Jr. Academy Director will oversee the game day experience with emphasis on development, teamwork, physical fitness, and most of all FUN.  Licensed coaches who train with the players will coach the games under the guidance of the Program Director.  We will ease the players towards being appropriately competitive without focus on the scoreboard and a "win at all cost" mentality.  Parents and coaches will all participate in a professional and developmental atmosphere with the City of Alpharetta and Ambush Soccer Club's Code of Ethics guiding the way.

Here is a sample of training topics that we will focus on:
-Ball striking
-First touch
-Body movement
-Balance and coordination

SEASONS:  Ambush Jr. Academy is a one year commitment or two soccer seasons. The Fall season begins in mid-August and ends in mid-November.  The Spring Season begins in late January and ends in mid-May.  Winter training with our staff is encouraged.    

WHERE: All training sessions and games will be at either Webb Bridge Park or across the street at the Valor Christian School.  Training sessions will start around 4:45pm but may be earlier or later depending on field availability.

Annual Registration fee: Resident $730 & Non Resident $880 (Payment plan options available and this covers the entire year)
City of Alpharetta tax payers are considered residents. Johns Creek, Milton & others are Non Residents.  This program requires a 1 year commitment both Fall and Spring season.  There is a NO refund policy in place for U8 Jr. Academy for early withdrawal from program.

FOR QUESTIONS AND MORE INFORMATION: Send email to Coach Matt Edmiston at [email protected] or [email protected].