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Goalkeeper skills training

Virtual  Soccer Training!!!!

You are in the right place.

Want to train at home?  Want to train while on vacation?  Want to train when your team is in between seasons?

Then you are serious about your development and you are in the right place!!

Always practice in a safe location and if you have any questions about the activities, you can contact your Ambush Coach for answers.

Repetition is the recipe for fitness and soccer skills success so please visit this site as often as possible and stay fit and stay sharp!

Ambush!!  Let's Go!!!

The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.
Mia Hamm

"At Barca we trained every day with the ball. I hardly even took a step running without a ball at my feet."
Lionel Messi

WEEK 4 - 
 Goalkeeper Training Plan from Southern Crescent Goalkeeper Academy


1. Warm up with a 15- minute stretch

2. Session 4

3. Juggling  (if it hits the group start at whatever number you stopped at)

            200 juggles right foot 

            200 juggles left foot


1.  Warm-up with juggling - 15 minutes 

2.   Skill work (see video) –30  minutes. Each move 45 seconds can rest as needed


10- 10 yards sprints

10- 20 yard sprints

10-30 yard sprints

10-40 yard sprints 

100 sit ups


1.  Warm up

-Jump Rope 10 minutes
2.   Session 2

3. Speed dribbling: dribble using your laces 15 times each foot. Dribble 20 yards as fast as you can then rest then repeat. 


1 mile run


1.  Warm up

-Any kid of handling for 10 minutes

-Juggle as many times as you can. You have 10 minutes to try to beat your record. 

2. Session 1

3.. Chipping the ball- spend 15 minutes working on chipping the ball over something using inside, outside and laces. Put things out to make it difficult to hit the cone.

DAY 5 
Rest and Recover

DAY 6 

1. Warm up- 10 minutes of stretching 

2. Session 4

3. Jog 30 minutes 

DAY 7 

1. Warm up- 10 minutes of stretching 

2. Session 3

3. Jog 30 minutes