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Apr, 2020

Ambush Spring Season Update 4/15


Earlier today, due to the continued situation arising from the Covid-10 pandemic, USYS and Georgia Soccer announced the continued temporary postponement of the Spring season until May 15th.    

However, the Spring soccer season has not been permanently cancelled yet.  The Soccer governing bodies are looking at all possibilities to play a delayed spring season.  This could extend into late May, June, and even July.  We will share updates on this topic as soon as they become available.  No matter what decision is made, both soccer governing bodies and our federal, state, county, and local governing bodies will all have to be in sync for the season to be continued.  Needless to say, all decisions will be made with the players, coaches, and spectator's safety first and foremost.

Ambush are part of the Georgia Soccer leagues and the integrity of these leagues depends on all club's participation.  We will remain calm and patient during this delay in the Spring season.  Ambush will be prepared to proceed in whatever direction our governing bodies decide and when the time comes.  If we can return to the field and complete the Spring season, then Ambush will be there to support our partners around Georgia Soccer and be ready to compete.  If our governing bodies elect to cancel the Spring Season, Ambush will respect that decision and then make all future business decisions (including credits or refunds) at that time.  We very much appreciate your patience and understanding during this delay. 

Most all of us have never faced a situation like this before.  As we venture into these unchartered waters, Ambush is very aware of your concern about playing the Spring season. You can stay up to speed with the latest data and information that will be used to make all decisions in regards to when the "lights can come back on by following:

Ambush Soccer Club at

Georgia Soccer at


City of Alpharetta at


GA Dept. of Public Health (CLICK HERE).

To answer many of your questions, here is an up-to-date Q&A on Ambush Soccer Club. 
(Updated on April 15, 2020)

Can we still practice?
As we first communicated Thursday, March 12, 2020, all practices and games are postponed until further notice.  No exceptions.  Also, it will now be against Federal, State, and Local social distancing policies and shelter in place rules to be out and about for an reason  other than the approved activities outlined in those policies.

Can my coach conduct informal practices?
Same answer as above applies to any and all gatherings in person.  All practices and games are postponed until further notice.  Including informal face to face sessions.  Ambush Soccer Club are participating diligently within our community in cooperation with local authorities to assist in the recovery from this situation.  To do so, our coaches and all personnel have been instructed to "Stay At Home" unless essential travel for food, medical, etc is needed.

Can I still go to a park and practice on my own?
As of late March, the City of Alpahretta informed us that all playing ball fields were locked and closed until further notice when an assessment will be made to continue the closure or reopen.

What can I do to continue training even though we can't get together?
When Ambush first shut down operations, the coaches began a series of conference calls on how best to answer this question.  As all of you know by now, quickly a series of now over 80 training videos was developed (starring your very own Ambush coaches) and the videos were stored in a library on the Ambush website.

Please visit to view this library.

During the first few weeks, Ambush coaches provided directions to their teams to keep busy approximately 2 days per week.  As we later heard from many parents, the players had much more free time than during a normal school session/day.  Parents and players both began asking for more soccer training.  Starting the week of March 30th, the Ambush coaches began supplying shorter but more frequent training instructions on almost a daily basis.  To support this, the coaches also began hosting at least a one Zoom video conference per week communicating with and amongst the players live and “almost” in person.  We invite and encourage all parents to join these Zoom video conferences and support your players on how to participate and most of all learn and have fun. 

Starting the week of April 12th, Ambush coaches have now added a few "off the field" challenges for the players.  This week we are all participating in the "soccer sandwich challenge".  Beginning Thursday, you'll start seeing some great videos of Ambush players/deli chefs making fantastic sandwiches on our Facebook page. 
Please follow us on Facebook at @AmbushSoccer Club.  Next week, we'll be following up with an entire list of "life skills" challenges for the players to supplement the fun they're already having with their coaches and the soccer skills. 

The coaches are incredibly motivated to keep their teams busy.  We all understand clearly how important it is to continue training and working on their fitness and skills both on and off the field.  We are working hard to make sure Ambush is the most prepared club in the State when we return to action.   Please make sure your player is training as frequently as requested and training hard!  Also, make time and plans to join the Zoom video conferences that your team hosts as well. 
If we all stay engaged, calm, and focused, Ambush will be very prepared when the lights come back on!! 

Have games been cancelled permanently?
No, if and when we return to complete the Spring season, every effort will be made to make up as many games as possible with the time available.  Again, a firm return to play date has not been established yet.

How long are activities postponed?
Per US Soccer and GA Soccer, all soccer activities are suspended until May 15th, 2020.  With all the new shelter in place rules established, USYS have scheduled a meeting for April 30th to discuss possible reopen dates.  Much data will be collected by the governing bodies between now and then and decisions will be made with public safety the only criteria on when we can return to the field.

Will we get a refund or credit toward a future season?
Ambush Soccer Club maintain the same stance as our other club partners within USYS and Georgia Soccer.  Virtually all of our league partners have told us they are intent on completing their spring seasons, even though that might mean playing league games into July.  We know that a few clubs are being asked about future credits or refunds.  We believe until a return-to-play date is established, and leagues agree on exactly what will happen with the spring season, discussions on credits and refunds is premature.  In the end, we will be as financially responsible as we possibly can by insuring our club and coaches are on steady financial footing while at the same time making responsible decisions on behalf of our families.  No matter when the playing fields are once again opened, our goal is to have Ambush Soccer Club and its coaches ready to go and available to the youth soccer players in North Fulton County and Beyond.  As we get more information over the coming weeks, we will provide those details and especially as they pertain to credits and refunds.

Are the Ambush Coaches still involved with Club Activities and will they be there when soccer is once again re-opened?
Your coaching staff have not stopped just because we can't meet at the park.  In fact the effort and hours spent on Ambush activities has increased with the development of our virtual training program.  As you've read above in previous questions, ALL Ambush coaches are engaged in the virtual training program which has become almost a daily process.  All the coaches are now part of twice weekly Zoom video conferences with the Club President and Director of Coaching.  These meetings are informational as well as developmental.  Coaches have been assigned different duties during this period of downtime as well.  Some coaches are focused on video production and enhancement of the virtual training program.  A few coaches are putting in countless hours creating, building, and documenting a BRAND NEW academy curriculum for our U8 to U12 friends!  Other coaches are working on their coaching education by scouring the internet and gaining every possible online certification imaginable.  Other activities the coaches are involved with are:  National Podcasts on the current state of Youth Soccer, Local teleconferences with Georgia Soccer,, and Adidas educating themselves on activities that can be productive during a time such as this.  The coaches have also taken this opportunity to improve all of their communication skills especially in the area of app usage and of course Zoom video technology.  Which we're sure most of you probably have figured out by now is going to be a big part of the Ambush culture even after we get back on the field.

Are potentially credited or refunded fees normally used to compensate our coaching staff?
Yes, a portion of the fees that would be credited to a future season or refunded would typically be used to compensate our coaching staff.  Ambush will do everything in its power to support our loyal families and membership while at the same time maintaining and supporting one of the deepest and most loyal coaching staffs in Georgia Soccer.  Your coaching staff have not stopped just because we can't meet at the park.  In fact, the effort and hours spent on Ambush activities has increased with the development of our virtual training program.

What is Ambush doing to navigate upcoming difficult financial times for any youth program?
If the Spring Season Postponement last for several months or becomes permanent, Ambush Soccer Club, like all youth sports organizations is going to face trying times financially.  Being a 501-3(c) non-profit, complicates matters even further in times when exploring lines of credit or loans could be a solution.  We are currently exploring financial relief that could possibly be provided by the Federal Stimulus package for small businesses as well as several other short-term financial solutions.  The City of Alpharetta has been a great partner as always and have been very open to assisting where possible.  We will be speaking with some of our vendors like Bank of America, Adidas and BIP Wealth for other ideas and possible options.  We can't guarantee that we will find a solution that prevents all upcoming hardships.  What we can guarantee is, just like Ambush teams on the field, there will be no shortage of effort or rock left unturned when searching for financial solutions during this difficult time.  We will do everything we can to be here once this situation is all over continuing to support our community even better than before.

Will Ambush provide charitable donation receipts if someone wants to donate their remaining fees to the club or make a donation?
The short answer is Yes.  For the first time in our 20-year history, Ambush will almost certainly be required to enter into a fundraising period once the fields are reopened.  Any donation to the club will be welcomed and since the club is a 501-3(c), a charitable donation receipt will be issued.  More details will be provided on this as we definitively learn more about the future of the Spring season.

School has been cancelled for the 2019-2020 year?  Does that mean soccer is cancelled?
The short answer is no it does not.  The soccer schedule and the school schedule only mirror each other to avoid major issues during the "normal" season.   Such as no soccer on Labor Day or no soccer during Fulton County Spring Break.  Although school closures are considered when scheduling soccer in instances such as foul weather, in a case such as this coronavirus postponement, youth soccer leagues will follow the guidance of their soccer governing bodies and local and state authorities, not the school systems.

Ambush Previously Scheduled Events Update

SCCL Summer League Tryouts(March 29) This tryout has been postponed.  We still have every intention to participate in the SCCL Summer League which begins in June.  To do this we will need to conduct a tryout to fill out our teams.  We will reschedule the tryout as soon as we have been given the clear to return to play by the governing authorities.

Any activities scheduled beyond May 15th are still on as scheduled at this time.

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